Oil & Gas

Oil and gas will continue to be the backbone of the global energy supply, natural gas will become even more important in decades to come.

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Power systems and transmission have continued to evolve from isolated, small grids to integrated national markets and even international markets.

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Infrastructure development responsible for driving growth, increase in investment spending will lead to a modern city in its more comprehensive form.

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Highly Skilled Manpower Supply

Khyathi Enertech offers Manpower supply services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever changing landscape of compliance in the region. In tandem with our international partners, our recruitment team has access to a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates of all disciplines and skill sets.

High Productive Construction Management

Khyathi Enertech’s Construction Management Unit is experienced and qualified, with up-to-date knowledge on execution procedures and capable of ensuring excellent project results through the achievement of high productivity, quality and safety levels across all of the work phases, including highly wide range of complex construction projects.

Safe & Cost-effective Asset Management

Khyathi Enertech provides a whole range of inspection and measurement services throughout the life cycle of industrial or commercial facilities. In order to keep them safe, Khyathi Enertech minimizes the overall maintenance costs and improves the performance of assets.

Lead to Efficient Manpower Recruitment

Khyathi Enertech offers an extensive range of recruitment services that have been developed during the course of providing recruitment solutions to global clients, allowing us to be able to tailor our solutions to each client’s individual needs and integrate our service offerings with our client’s current working practices and hiring processes.

Team of Experienced Project Management

Khyathi Enertech has many years of experience in the preparation and execution of large-scale, interdisciplinary projects. Drawing on this experience, Khyathi Enertech is competent to perform project management tasks as per the project goals regarding time, quality and cost.

Quality Supply Materials Management

Khyathi Enertech offers the most preferred range of customized material management services to our clients by dynamic team with a strong background in the industry. We take into account the prevailing trends and standards set by the industry and offer suitable range of material management solutions and timely execution.

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I am so clever that sometimes I do not get a single word of what I am saying and get very confused. Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.

I am so clever that sometimes I do not get a single word of what I am saying and get very confused.

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